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Established in 1950 in Australia, Raven is recognised as a premium brand for sealing systems in the building hardware industry, dedicated to ensuring the safety and comfort of occupants of commercial and residential buildings by designing and manufacturing fire, smoke, acoustic, weather and energy-saving door and window sealing systems. Our innovative approach to design and our world class research and testing facility allows us to provide the most advanced sealing systems assessed to meet international requirements.

Raven Global

Based in East Asia, Raven Global is very proud to be the authorized global distributor of the famous Raven Brand that was established in Australia in 1950. The Raven registered trademark name is owned by Raven Products Pty Ltd, Australia.

Raven has over 65 years Industry knowledge with the design and manufacture of its innovative and world leading product range that is sold around the world.

Raven Global is supported by world leading research and development teams in Australia and Asia where Raven product development and third party test certification is all backed by internationally recognized testing facilities.

We at Raven Global are able to deliver Raven’s extensive brand range including tested and certified sealing systems to customers in over forty countries.

The trade name Raven and its registered trademarks remain the property of Raven Products Pty Ltd, Australia. Product numbers, drawings and technical details are Raven Products copyright. All rights are reserved.

Raven Sealing Global has been granted permission by Raven Products Pty Ltd, Australia to use the trade name Raven and its registered trademarks.

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