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Since the 1960's, Raven has developed seals for doors and door frames. When installed with complementary seals for thresholds and meeting stiles, they will produce optimum "Sealing Systems".

The sealing systems provide sealing against the intrusion of sound, fire and smoke, rain, cold draughts, dust, embers, light, insects and vermin. They also prevent leakage of heating and air-conditioning energy to allow energy savings. Seals have been designed to accommodate light, medium and heavy duty levels to suit applications in domestic, commercial and industrial buildings.

As well as designing and manufacturing the highest quality sealing systems for the containment of fire, smoke, acoustics, energy saving and weather for the building industry, Raven's specialists are always on hand to provide expert guidance when our clients are searching for a sensible, suitable solution that fits both the application and the budget. We see our role not simply to manufacture a quality product, but also to assist architects and builders in improving overall building design and safety while reducing construction costs.

Our experienced sales executives travel the globe teaching and training our customers so that they can provide the best solutions.

Through our extensive warehousing facilities in the Asia Pacific region, and our trusted distributors worldwide we are able to supply our end customers around the globe quickly and efficiently.

Our team of specialists are on hand to provide expert advice on cost effective, innovative solutions to some of the most challenging problems. If you have any enquiries, please call our sales and technical staff (Asia Pacific) at +852 2987 6257 or

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Raven pioneered DIY and architectural door and window seals in Australia offering the most comprehensive range to suit all consumer types and price points.

Raven offer a range of door bottom seals and weather stripping designed to meet any need or configuration. The handy selection guide over the page makes selecting the right product for the right application easier than ever ensuring you receive the best desired results.

The iconic Raven brand is easily recognised with our tough tamper resistant packaging on DIY products giving improved product identification and greater display impact. Popular ranges are also available in trade packs.


Glidex has been designed to make the work and quality of professional window cleaning easier to deliver. It is based on extensive programs of ergonomic research. It is built using superior materials that suit professional requirements better than other available systems and it is manufactured to exacting quality standards and specifications using custom-built plant. Glidex is manufactured and guaranteed by Raven, an ISO 9001:2000 quality assured company.

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