Research and Development
Internationally Accredited Testing

Our enduring commitment to innovation and quality keeps Raven at the industry forefront, by providing effective performance driven sealing systems that meet or exceed our clients’ expectations.

Raven’s international research, product development and testing facilities means we are constantly developing new and innovative ways to respond to the rapid advances in the building industry. Our specialist research and development engineers work tirelessly to meet the ongoing needs of the building industry often pre-empting new challenges and providing innovative products to suit. All Raven products are designed to comply with international building regulations and requirements. Continuous monitoring and accreditation to international quality standard ISO 9001 underscores the company’s determination to deliver products that are proven to be the best.

Actively identifying advances in the industry, Raven is at the forefront, developing the technology and the products to suit. We see our role not just to design and manufacture a quality product but also to assist architects, engineers and builders to help improve building design and safety while reducing construction costs where possible.