Threshold Plate

Threshold Plates are hard anodised, aluminium extrusions that are fitted to the sill under doors; they provide a clean delineation between adjacent floor surfaces.  A weather barrier in themselves, threshold plates provide an optimum sealing surface for door bottom seals.  Being hard wearing, threshold plates offer an elevated sealing surface which, in the case of door bottom sweep seals, prevents contact or excessive resistance over carpeted, uneven or sloping floors.


Raven Threshold Plates have been designed to withstand the day to day rigours of heavy pedestrian and wheeled traffic encountered in commercial buildings.  Their low profiles do not impede wheeled traffic nor do they present any tripping hazard to pedestrian traffic.


Where disable access is a requirement, ensure that the Threshold Plate is suitable for wheeled access and that it conforms to the relevant building code or standard.  To assist with selection, a wheelchair icon is shown including the approvals description.


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