Silicon Weather Stripping

Fitted into wooden kerfs, Raven Silicon weather stripping can be used in all door and window joinery systems that require a premium quality, low closing force compression seal.


Raven silicon weather stip can also be used in aluminium and PVC proprietary systems where channel dimensions and clearance suit.  By the virtual elimination of compression set distortion (-60°C to +200°C) Raven Silicon weather stripping increases life cycle sealing performance over traditional, plastic covered foam strips that may become hard and brittle.


Raven silicon weather stripping has exceptional abrasion qualities that include improved resistance to UV, biological and chemical deterioration.  When fitted correctly, Raven silicon weather stripping will not shrink.


For ease of maintenance, Rave silicon weather strip can be removed and reused.  This feature is well appreciated by painters and maintenance people. 


Importantly, Raven silicon weather stripping offers improvements in air and rain infiltration performance, particularly where lower closing forces are required to meet new building regulations for energy efficiency and acoustic performance or where access and mobility is important.


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