Door Frame/Perimeter Seals
Medium Duty
  • Noise - Acoustic
  • Ambient(cold) Smoke
  • Insects and Vermin
  • Weather
  • Energy,Draughts and Dust
  • Light
RP7's image

A rigid and flexible PVC door stop frame seal suitable for rebated timber frames.

Location Head and Jambs of single or double butt hinged doors.

Min/Max Gap 0mm to 7mm (compression 1-3mm).

Seal Sizes Available in single door sets.

Seal Material Rigid/flexible PVC (White or Brown). Can be painted.

Fixing Method Zinc Plated nails to suit are supplied.

Used in conjunction Raven door bottom seals and astragals.

Energy Complies with NCC BCA Pt. & J3.4 for Building Sealing and Energy efficiency