Threshold Plate Seals
Heavy Duty
  • Noise - Acoustic
  • Ambient(cold) Smoke
  • Medium Temp. Smoke
  • Insects and Vermin
  • Weather
  • Energy,Draughts and Dust
  • Fire(approved)
  • Light
  • Antimicrobial
RP97Si's image

A threshold plate seal best suited for outward opening butt hinged doors. When used in conjunction with RP93Si and RP16Si an excellent smoke and acoustic system is achieved. For acoustic applications the void under the RP97Si should be filled with sound foam or other suitable material (by others). Conforms to NCC Pt. D2.15 Thresholds (a), (b), (c).

The RP67 drip strip should be considered for above the doorway if there is no eave.

Ideal for use in conjuncti

on with the RP93Si perimeter seal and Raven astragals.

Location: Door sills abutting outward opening butt hinged doors. Not recommended for pedestrian entry doors.

Min/Max Gap: Compression 0mm to 2mm.

Finish: Satin clear (silver) or bronze anodised aluminium (25µm).

Fixing: Screw fix or builders adhesive for concealed fixing (user determined). Zinc plated, cross recess head CSK S.T. screws supplied.

Seal:RP393Si. Black silicon rubber (SE).

Sizes: Available in stock lengths. Specify longer length then doorway to allow for neat installation around door frame.

UL Cert. GVYI.R37913
Access & Mobility AUS/NZ: NCC Pt. D2.15 thresholds (a),(b),(c). NZ BC Compliance Doc. D1/AS1 1.3.2. Fire Approved
Acoustic AUS/NZ: NCC Spec. F5.5.
UK/EU: Approved Document E. Rated to BS EN ISO 717.1.
Fire & Smoke AUS/NZ: NCC Spec. C3.4. NZ BC Compliance Doc. C/AS1 6.19.2 & App. C6.1.1.
UK/EU: Approved Document B.
FRL & FRR-/240/30.Fire ApprovedGasket flammability index 1 when tested to AS1530.2.
Fire Approvedwhen used with a BAL rated door bottom seal in accordance with AS3959.
Energy NCC Pt. & J3.4.