Self Adhesive Seals
Light Duty
  • Noise - Acoustic
  • Ambient(cold) Smoke
  • Insects and Vermin
  • Weather
  • Energy,Draughts and Dust
  • Light
RP55's image
  • Location  Around door and window frames
  • Min/Max Gap  3mm to 6mm (user determined)
  • Seal Sizes  5m coil pack length (2 x 2.5m) jumbo reel (2 x 50m)
  • Seal Material  EPDM closed cell sponge (White, Brown or Grey)


Fixing Method  Self adhesive


Note:  Contact surface must be clean, smooth and if painted, well cured



Energy Complies with NCC BCA Pt. & J3.4 for Building Sealing and Energy efficiency.