Silicon Weather Stripping
Heavy Duty
  • Noise - Acoustic
  • Ambient(cold) Smoke
  • Medium Temp. Smoke
  • Insects and Vermin
  • Weather
  • Energy,Draughts and Dust
  • Light
  • Up to BAL - 40
RP510's image


A compression seal, made from silicon. Raven silicon has a high resistance to permanent set (memory). It will not absorb water and is resistant to ozone and ultra-violet light deterioration.

Location Door and window frames (user determined).

Compression 1mm to 2mm.

Reel Length 24m and 100m.

Colours RP510w (White), RP510b (Brown), RP510bk (Black).

Seal Material Silicon Rubber.

Fixing Method 3.5mm x 5mm deep kerf groove, push-in locking fit.

Used in Conjunction Raven door bottom seals and threshold plates.

Acoustic AUS/NZ: Conforms to NCC BCA Sect. F5.5. Tested to AS 1191, AS 1045 & AS/NZS 1276.
UK/EU: Conforms to Approved Document E. Tested to
BS EN ISO 140.3, BS EN ISO 717.1, BS 2750 & BS 5821.
Weather AUS/NZ: Conforms to NCC BCA various sections. Tested to AS 2047, AS 4055, AS 4420 Pt. 0 to 5 & AS/NZS 1170.
UK/EU: Conforms to Approved Document L1 & L2. Tests above are similar to BS 5368 & BS 7386.
Energy Complies with NCC BCA Pt. & J3.4 for Building Sealing and Energy efficiency.