Fire Rated (Labelled) Doors

Smoke Sealing


Fire rated (Labelled) Doors

Effective combinations of smoke and acoustic seals for fire rated butt hinged doors. These seals have been tested and/or assessed to AS 1530.4 and BS 476 Pt. 22, similar to BS EN 1634-1. Seals conform to the AUS NCC specification C3.4 Deemed-to-Satisfy for smoke doors 200°C for 30 minutes, NZ BC Compliance Doc. C, UK Approved Document B and Standard BS 5588. All door seals shown have been tested to AS 1530.7 and EN 1634-3.

A large range of product combinations may be used, refer to door bottom seals and door frame or perimeter seals sections for fire ratings of individual seals.


Fire doors in Australia need to be installed to AS1905.1 as mandated by the NCC. This means the fire door has a Fire Resistance Level (FRL) as determined in the fire test method AS 1530.4 where door sets are subject to extreme temperatures in a full scale fire test simulating a fire emergency. The door set is then given an FRL which is a nominal grading period in minutes for structural adequacy/integrity/insulation. Fire doors are not structural members of a building so therefore have for example an
FRL of -/120/60 where the FRL is 0 for structural adequacy/120 minutes for integrity/60 minutes for insulation. This is represented in NZ as FRR -/120/60 or in the UK for integrity as FD60 or in Europe IE60.

Door hardware including door seals are then tested to evaluate there is no reduction in the established FRL of that fire door.