Solid Core Doors - Pair of Doors

Helping reduce the amount of sound that passes through a doorset is one of the most common applications for door seals.


Sealing the gaps around a door is of prime importance when reducing the amount of sound entering or leaving a room or building.  Unlike air, where the amount flowing through a gap changes in proportion to the size of that gap, sound waves move through any gaps around doors with little loss.  Consequently, small gaps around a whole doorset can let through nearly as much sound as the door opening itself.  Because of this, any small gaps or clearances not sealed can reduce the effectiveness of a good quality acoustic door or partition.


Raven acoustic seals provide an excellent barrier to airborne sound and help ensure that the acoustic attenuation provided by a doorset (the frame and door leaf along with the seals) is, in many cases, equivalent to the wall or partition into which it is installed.


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